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    Thelema Altar Cloth - The Sigil of the Beast 666 and Babalon Conjoined

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      To the Qabalist, the Mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16) is the New Testament development of the Mark of Cain (Gen. 4:15), which, contrary to popular religious interpretation, is not the brand of a cursed sinner, but instead represents the radiant seal of illumination in the forehead of the Initiate.  Graphically, the Mark of the Beast is represented in its most simple form as the Sun and Moon united and, among other things, is the symbol of Babalon and the Beast conjoined, and the Great Work accomplished." - The Magick of Aleister Crowley, A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema By Lon Milo DuQuette 

    24" x 24" This altar cloth features a one sided print with hemmed edges. Care instructions: Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach.

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