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    Song of the Werewolf Pendant

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    Song of the Werewolf Pendant. Nothing holds terror for me. All is my domain and I am fearless. My gift is Transformation. Embrace your Shadow and Nightside body of Darkness, flow with the energy of primal instinct and the fury of Aeshma.
    Made from polished pewter with gold accents, this enchanting pendant comes with a chain and leaflet in a blood-red satin pouch. Designed by fantasy artist BRIAR. Approximate size: 1.25" x 1.25"

    "Spirits of the deep,
    Who never sleep,
    Be kind to me.

    Spirits of the grave,
    Without a soul to save,
    Be kind to me.

    Spirits of the trees,
    That grow upon the leas,
    Be kind to me.

    Spirits of the air,
    Foul & black, not fair,
    Be kind to me.

    Water spirits hateful,
    To ships and bathers fateful,
    Be kind to me.

    Spirits of the earthbound dead
    That guide with noiseless tread,
    Be kind to me.

    Spirits of heat and fire,
    Destructive in your ire,
    Be kind to me.

    Spirits of cold and ice,
    Patrons of crime and vice,
    Be kind to me.

    Wolves, vampires, satyrs, ghosts!
    Elect of all the devilish hosts!
    I pray you send hither,
    Send hither, send hither,
    The great grey shape that makes men shiver!
    Shiver, shiver, shiver!
    Come! Come! Come!

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