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    PSYCHONAUT 75 "Hellmachine" cd

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     A dynamic melting pot of post-apocalyptic ritual Ambient and pumping Industrial beats! PSYCHONAUT 75 is making their name known internationally as a band of extremes, of change and varied musical styles. PSYCHONAUT 75 has been labelled as ''Satanic Darkwave'' by some, ''Dark Industrial,'' and ''Ritual'' by others. The live ritual performances are a sight which fully encircles the music and listener together. The band is known for visually disturbing, intense ritualistic and focused live ritual invocations, where shows are not just songs being performed, but the invocations are being actually practiced. Inspired musically by the German Industrial/Electro bands of the 80's and 90's, with the ritual music ambience of the late 80's. the music of PSYCHONAUT 75 has evolved from ritual ambience to Industrial – electronic EBM songs, blended with ambience of the ancient world, PHI Binaural Brainwave generators and human bones. On Memento Mori.

    01. Enemy Of the Faith
    02. Watcher
    03. Instinct Theory
    04. Father of Lies
    05. Awake
    06. Serpents
    07. Hellmachine
    08. Dominator
    09. Beheading Solution
    10. Betrayer Of Nations
    11. Rusted Tongues

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