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Pentagram of Astarte

    Luciferian Altar Cloth - The Pentagram of Astarte

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    The Left-Hand Path inverted pentagram of the Canaanite goddess Astarte, the divine and daemonic feminine who is the deity of Venus, of Love and War. The 8 Pointed star of Ishtar/Astarte is shown with the crescent and black moon. The Phoenician and Ugaritic spelling of 'Astarte' of surrounding the circle, announcing the nature of the work. In Luciferianism, the goddess is equal in all ways to the god as balance is the foundation of Magick. This is explored and published from "DRAGON OF THE TWO FLAMES" by Michael W. Ford (Succubus Productions Publishing), design concept by Ford, illustration by Kitti Solymosi.

    This altar cloth features a one sided print with hemmed edges. Care instructions: Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach. 24" x 24" inches

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