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    4" Small Baphomet with Third Eye Statue

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    Beautiful seated Baphomet. The details are striking!

    This small sized statue is dripping in Left Hand Path Symbolism.

    • Notice the beautiful, long, curled (Rams) horns, horns representing Wisdom and the curling of the horns representing the solar aspect.
    • The Infernal Black Flame atop the head, representing the Divine Spark, Self Awareness and Artistic Imagination.
    • The Pentagram or Blazing Star represents the Luciferian Spirit and Daemonic aspect of the divine and demonic in union.
    • The Large Wings representing Spiritual Freedom and Mastery of the Air.
    • The Third Eye is a representation of Mystical Intuition and Insight. To see beyond the physical.
    • The Caduceus, the staff of Hermes or Mercury has a great history with many symbolic Meanings.
      •  A.L. Frothingham incorporated Dr. Ward's research into his own work, published in 1916, in which he suggested that the prototype of Hermes was an "Oriental deity of Babylonian extraction" represented in his earliest form as a snake god. From this perspective, the caduceus was originally representative of Hermes himself, in his early form as the Underworld god Ningishzida . Hermes was a messenger of god and guide to the underworld. He is the god and protector of shepherds, travel, and literature, trade, wealth, luck, fertility, animal husbandry, sleep, language, and thieves
      • One Greek myth of the caduceus is part of the story of Tiresias, who found two snakes copulating and killed the female with his staff. Tiresias was immediately turned into a woman, and so remained until he was able to repeat the act with the male snake seven years later. This staff later came into the possession of the god Hermes, along with its transformative powers.
      • According to Roman legend, the symbol originated when Mercury once attempted to stop a fight between two snakes by throwing his rod at them, whereupon they twined themselves around the rod, and the symbol was born. That story then lent to the symbol being used later as a symbol of Peace. 
    • The Male and Female form represent the unity and balance of the masculine and feminine. Which is also represented in the Infernal Union. Samael and Lilith beget Baphomet. The Symbol of The Magician.
    • The hands pointed upward and downward represent " As Above, So Below"  Symbolic of Duality and the Union of Opposites.
    • The Latin word "Solve et Coagula" written on the arm means "Dissolve and Coagulate". This means that you must "Break something down in order to rebuild it a new". Often used in Alchemy.
    • In some of the earliest civilizations. The goat is depicted as a symbol of fertility, abundance, aggression and good luck. In later cultures we see it represent Creativity, Resilience, Sure Footedness and Stubbornness.
    • The steadfast gaze you see in the face symbolizes, Firmness in Purpose, Or Unwavering Confidence in Purpose.
    • Crossed legs was sometimes attributed to Kings. It was also depicted as Nobility in Knights. More recently it is associated with Meditation, Well Being. 

    This small sized Baphomet is ideal as an altar or travel. 

    Size: Height 4"

    Material: Cold Cast Resin

    Description: Hand Painted

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    A small 4" inch tall version of our Large Baphomet and 8" Inch Baphomet

    Ideal for a small altar or for a travel piece. 


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