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AHRIMANIC YOGA: Kundalini & Luciferian Magick by Michael W. Ford - The Luciferian Apotheca
AHRIMANIC YOGA: Kundalini & Luciferian Magick by Michael W. Ford - The Luciferian Apotheca

    AHRIMANIC YOGA: Kundalini & Luciferian Magick by Michael W. Ford

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    The mysteries of Kundalini in Luciferian Magick are found at the center of the root chakra, known as Muladhara, the coiling place of Shakti, known also as Lilith. Kundalini is both a goddess and a fiery force which can be awakened and directed to rise the spine to the crown chakra, where the Black Alchemical mysteries of Infernal Union and Apotheosis occur.

    Meditation in Luciferian Magick as a method of enhancing self-discipline, control, strength and the energy-points, the Chakras, are a foundation in applying the focus of initiation: the teachings of initiation are known as the Triad of the Morning Star: LIBERATION, ILLUMINATION, and APOTHEOSIS. Author Michael W. Ford has developed and refined the practice of Ahrimanic Yoga for roughly 19 years, “Ahrimanic Yoga” presents a beginning guide towards simple and advanced Kundalini and Chakra workings for the Left-Hand Path adherent.

    The term, “Kundalini”, is described simply as the primal energy or life force, which is found at the base of the spine, depicted, and visualized as a coiled-up serpent (or even two serpents). The practice of Ahrimanic Yoga and Kundalini is focused on mastery of this powerful energy, to guide and arouse the Kundalini Shakti from its based through the 6 Chakra points, ultimately penetrating the 7th Chakra, the Crown, associated with Ahriman in union with Az-Jeh.

    Within the Cosmos, the smallest atoms that spin with fire are but from the Luminous Flame of Samael in Luciferianism, the gift of the Black Flame, bestowing self-awareness, and consciousness, allows the individual to calculate independent thoughts and experience in this world. The Kundalini, the feminine Shakti, identified as the Red Serpent, united with Leviathan, is indeed one aspect equal to the masculine Black Serpent of Ahriman, Samael, or Azazel. The Kundalini is a form of the divine feminine energy called the Shakti.

    In Luciferianism, Western Left-Hand Path concepts such as Infernal Union is a Satanic approach of Kundalini and Ahrimanic Yoga. Lilith, the Red Shakti, or Kundalini, rises into each Chakra, uniting with the Black Serpent of Samael, begetting by the 8th Crown the Adversary and the coming forth of the Beast, being the symbol of the Luciferian as a living individual and temple of the Adversary.

     116 Pages, 6 X 9, Illustrated

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