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                Candles are used in Luciferian and Satanic rituals as symbolic of the Light of Lucifer. This encompasses enlightenment, the flame of desire, Black Flame of Divine Consciousness and the fiery pit. Depending on the color used: Black for power, self-liberation, wisdom and destruction; White for higher consciousness and intelligent articulation, astral and spirit mastery, healing, compassion and knowledge; Red for lust, flame of desire, vampirism and blood, war and aggression, love and strength of will; Yellow for physical vitality, health and solar warmth; Green for earth, nature, mastery of your physical and carnal realm, wealth; Pink for feminine and goddess, motherhood; Blue for the spirit and divination.

                Candles (57)

                Chime Candles Black, Navy Blue, Red, Dark Green and Yellow

                R$ 4,00

                6" Taper Candles

                R$ 11,00

                PENTAGRAM (Chime Candle) SPELL CANDLE HOLDER

                R$ 22,00

                3" x 3" Black or Red Pillar Candles

                R$ 28,00

                Black Star Pentagram (Chime) Candle Holder

                R$ 28,00

                Jumbo 9" Ritual Pillar Candles

                R$ 50,00

                3 x 6 Black & Red Pillar Candles

                R$ 50,00

                Brass Taper Candle Holder

                R$ 50,00

                PACK OF 12 GREEN 'LUCK' (Chime Candles) SPELL CANDLES

                R$ 50,00
                DE VOLTA AO TOPO