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Rite of the Qlippoth - Michael W Ford Digital Album Download - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Rite of the Qlippoth - Michael W Ford Digital Album Download

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    The Rite of the Qlippoth is a work of Sonic Black Magick, that is a ritual working created in music. The Qlippoth, according to Cabalists is the forbidden 'darkside' of the tree of life, containing demonic forces and vampiric shells. This 12 track digital album is a guided Luciferian Pathworking through the Spheres of the Qlippoth recorded by Michael W. Ford. Recorded 2007 by Michael W Ford
    1. Introduction
    2. Desolation, Void, Chasek (Qemetiel, Belia’al, A’athiel)
    3. Kether.Satan.Moloch
    4. Chokmah.Beelzebub
    5. Binah.Lucifuge Rofacale
    6. Chesed.Astaroth
    7. Geburah.Asmodeus
    8. Tipereth.Belphegor
    9. Netzach.Bael.The Ravens of Death
    10. Hod.Adramelech
    11. Yesod.Lilith
    12. Malkuth.Nahemoth
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