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Demon Altar Cloth - Qlippoth Demon Kings and Orders - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Demon Altar Cloth - Qlippoth Demon Kings and Orders

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    This Altar Cloth features a one sided print with hemmed edges. Care instructions: Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach. 24" x 24" Inches Qlippoth Orders and Demons from Liber HVHI and Bible of the Adversary.

    Kether -- Thaumiel Twins of God (TAVM, tom - a twin)

    Chokmah -- Ogiel Hinderers (? OVG - to draw a circle)

    Binah -- Satariel Concealers (STR, satar- to hide, conceal)

    Chesed -- Gash'khalah Breakers in Pieces (GASh Ga'ash - shake, quake KLH, khalah - complete destruction, annihilation)

    Gevurah -- Golachab Flaming Ones

    Tipheret -- Tagiriron Litigation (probably from GVR, goor - quarrel)

    Netzach -- Orev Zarak Raven of Dispersion (ARV, orev - raven ZRQ, zaraq - scatter)

    Hod -- Samael False Accuser (SMM, sammael - poison)

    Yesod -- Gamaliel Obscene Ass (GML, gamal)

    Malkut -- Lilith Woman of the Night (Leilah, LAYLAH - Night)

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