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Qliphoth Tree of Sitra Ahra Tapestry
Qliphoth Sitra Ahra Tree of Da'ath Tapestry - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Qliphoth Sitra Ahra Tree of Da'ath Tapestry

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    The Qliphoth/Qlippoth/Qlifot or Kelipot is the anti-cosmic (of primal chaos, the abyss, of the tradition of Lurianic Qabalah) left emanation or shadow. Within the ten infernal sefirot, there are representations of Satanic/Luciferian/Adversarial (by Judeo-Christianity and Hebrew monotheism, "evil or impure") spiritual forces identified in Jewish mysticism, the polar opposites of the holy Sefirot. The Black Magickian does not recognize the duality, rather balance from the spheres so under the authority of SAMAEL and LILITH, King and Queen of Demons. This tapestry, for the serious Black Adept, presents the Kings, Ruling Powers and Demonic forces along with the tunnels of Set. The two serpent-dragons, symbolic of primal forms of Samael and Lilith, encircle and intwine around the Tree of Sitra Ahra, the Other Side. Flanking the Tree are the Hebrew names of Samael and Lilith, along with the Sigil of Lucifer. From AKHKHARU (second edition) by Michael W. Ford.

    Add some life to those empty walls by incorporating a tapestry to your ritual space! These large, yet inexpensive pieces of wall art are the perfect home accent on a budget. Durable, lightweight, easy to move and hang, simple to wash… What’s not to love about a tapestry?

    Size can vary 2-3 inches due to being sewn and shrinkage.

    • 100% Lightweight Polyester

    • Vivid Printed Top

    • Finished Edges

    • Gentle Machine Was on Cold

    • Line Dry or Tumble on Low

    • Avoid Bleaches or Whitening Agents

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