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Maskim Hul

    Maskim Hul- Babylonian Magick Usumgal Hardcover edition

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     The USUMGAL EDITION ('serpent', cult epithet of Nergal) features 5 unpublished illustrations by Marchozelos, A Usumgal Ritual invoking Nergal from ancient cult tablets and a ritual for the 'God Within'. The dust jacket is lined with an invocation of the Sebitti on the front and rear flap as a type of talisman. 481 pages.

    Maskim Hul is a complete grimoire of Tiamat-centered magick, pre-luciferian sorcery developed from authentic Mesopotamian clay tablets. The grimoire outlines the cultures of ancient Mesopotamia and the theological foundations of their time. Babylonian cosmic structure and the Enuma Elish are explored and presented in a modern interpretation. Tiamat, Kingu and the 11 Chaos-Monsters created by Tiamat are explored, their functions, manifestations and how they survived and existed in the pantheon of Marduk, Ea and the other gods. The gods, demons and evil spirits of Mesopotamia are presented along with Cuneiform sigils and documentation of their use in sorcery. The extensive Invocations of the Gods, Hymns and the entire foundation of authentic Kassapu-practice of ancient Babylon is offered in a concise manner. The grimoire is founded and dedicated to the Seven Sebitti or Maskim, the "Seven Evil Gods" or rebels along with Lamashtu, Lilith are presented in a plethora of rituals and their names of calling. The Serpent Gods of fertility, Ishtar revealed as a form of Tiamat (from pantheon sources) and the rites of necromancy and the Black Flame (Melammu) is presented as a source of Tiamat-Darkness and upheld by Nergal. Illustrations by Marchozelos and old sources, Maskim Hul is to re-define modern magical practice and the theology of the spiritual-rebel. 6 X 9,  Illustrated.


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