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Essential Incense - Frankincense, Myrrh,

    LApotheca Essentials Incense Collection

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    Luciferian Apotheca delivers a high quality line of basic incense for your personal witchcraft, sorcery and magickial needs.
    15 sticks

    FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH - Strength in ritual.,

    FRANKINCENSE (Olibanum) -Strength in ritual, focus and purification of offerings.

    MYRRH - Hellenic & Ancient Near Eastern magick, sorcery and honor incense fumigations to your Deific Mask or Deity.

    CEDARWOOD - Ruled by Jupiter, desired order and balance in personal life. Element Fire.

    DRAGON'S BLOOD - Used for increasing ritual spells, charms and inspiring beneficial energies.

    CINNAMON - Sacred to Mars, Cinnamon is masculine energy.

    ROSE - Associated with Love

    PATCHOULI - For happiness

    SANDALWOOD - For Fire and Wood.

    VANILLA - Associated with Air, Vanilla is useful for elemental workings centered with air spirits.

    AMBER - Associated with the element air, Amber is for history and knowledge.

    LAVENDER - Spells of Attraction, element Water.

    Sell your soul? We are a soul-selling free company. The Devil loves the strong of mind! All items sacred to the Infernal and Phosphorescent. 100% Left-Hand Path. Doing the Devil's Work Since 2007. Since you are reading this, here is a CODE to use for a 5% Discount: sellyoursoul (we know it is worth more but you get this just for reading!)

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