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Chaos God of Strife and Fire Norse LOKI

    LOKI Norse God of Chaos, Fire, and Disorder Bust

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    Introducing the Sinister Loki Statue. This bust captures the essence of the Norse god of Chaos, Fire, Mischief with its intricate details and hand-painted finish. Featuring a decorative cowl, banded armor, and a square base engraved with his name, this statue is perfect for any fan of Loki and the world of Norse mythology. Add an exclusive touch to your art collection with this premium bust.

    8.25" X 4.25" X 10.25" Inches.

    • Hand-painted with an antique finish
    • Possesses an incredible level of detail
    • Depicts Loki, the Norse god of chaos, mischief, and strife
    • Great for displaying anywhere in your home, office, or altar
    • Makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys Norse mythology
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