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Lamastu of the Night
Lamashtu Tapestry

    Lamastu (Lamashtu) Demoness Tapestries

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    Lamaštu (Lamastu, Lamashtu, Dimme) is the ancient Mesopotamian demoness who is one of the origins for the Hebrew Lilith. The cuneiform spelling of Lamaštu of the Night is her identification with the ardat-lilî demons of Babylon, Sumeria, and Assyria.

    Lamaštu, the Babylonian fallen goddess and demoness who is one violent and predatory incarnation of LILITH. There is little seduction with Lamaštu, she is a relentless force of savagery and violent hunger for human spirit and the energy we conceptually identify as Life Force and blood. To invoke Lamaštu is to align and concentrate the predatory spirituality and instinct of hunting and devouring our deep fears and directing desires according to the will.

    Lamastu and other Mesopotamian Demons are found in SEBITTI by Michael W. Ford.

    This tapestry will create maximum design impact to your room. The one sided print is vivid and meant to last. Machine wash separately, cold water, delicate cycle, mild detergent, no bleach. Line Dry.

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