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Human Bone Rib
Human Rib Bone Wand - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Human Rib Bone Wand

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     The Rites of Luciferian Witchcraft, of Cain the symbolic First Satanist and Witch we have an authentic instrument of ceremonial sorcery.

    The Athame / Wand from "Real Human Rib Bone". A curved sacred dagger which curves as a crescent moon.

    The Athame is not inscribed so that the Black Adept may inscribe their own Words of Power based on their own sorcerous rites.

    **Overall Length: Varies depending on length of Rib Bone.

    **Comes with an Invocation to Cain and a short essay on the etymology and associations of Cain with Samael and Lilith compiled by author Michael W. Ford.

    {From a Federal Level the only documentation you need to own or sell Human Bones is documentation that shows your Human bones were obtained in a legal manner. A receipt of purchase should be fine. Again as stated above there may be specific state laws or laws outside the United States that require additional documentation. It is the responsibility of the customer to checking their state specific laws prior to purchasing.}

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