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Hades (Pluto) Underworld Signet Ring .925 Sterling Silver - The Luciferian Apotheca
Hades (Pluto) Underworld Signet Ring .925 Sterling Silver - The Luciferian Apotheca
Hades (Pluto) Underworld Signet Ring .925 Sterling Silver - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Hades (Pluto) Underworld Signet Ring .925 Sterling Silver

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    .925 Sterling Silver ring.

    Metal: Sterling Silver 92.5%
    Dimension: 25 x 17 x 23 mm
    Ring Weigh: 12.5 g

    The Astrological alphabet sign of the Lord of the Underworld, Hades (Pluto) signet Ring is a sacred talisman of otherworldly power reflecting the regenerative energies of Tartaros, that is, the Underworld and the powers therein. Necromancy, contact with spirits via dreams and rituals, attaining the treasures of the earth (knowledge, insight, thus power) and the realm of the chthonic: renewal, invigoration and balance between life and death.

    "HAIDES (Hades) was the king of the underworld and god of the dead. He presided over funeral rites and defended the right of the dead to due burial. Haides was also the god of the hidden wealth of the earth, from the fertile soil with nourished the seed-grain, to the mined wealth of gold, silver and other metals." -

    Orphic Hymn 18 to Pluton (trans. Taylor) (Greek hymns C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.) :
    "To Plouton (Pluto) [Haides]. Plouton, magnanimous, whose realms profound are fixed beneath the firm and solid ground, in the Tartarean plains remote from sight, and wrapt for ever in the depths of night. Zeus Khthonios (of the Underworld), thy sacred ear incline, and pleased accept these sacred rites divine. Earth's keys to thee, illustrious king, belong, its secret gates unlocking, deep and strong. 'Tis thine abundant annual fruits to bear, for needy mortals are thy constant care. To thee, great king, all sovereign earth assigned, the seat of gods and basis of mankind. Thy throne is fixed in Haides' dismal plains, distant, unknown to the rest, where darkness reigns; where, destitute of breath, pale spectres dwell, in endless, dire, inexorable hell; and in dread Akheron (Acheron), whose depths obscure, earth's stable roots eternally secure. O mighty Daimon, whose decision dread, the future fate determines of the dead, with Demeter's girl [Persephone] captive, through grassy plains, drawn in a four-yoked car with loosened reins, rapt over the deep, impelled by love, you flew till Eleusinia's city rose to view: there, in a wondrous cave obscure and deep, the sacred maid secure from search you keep, the cave of Atthis, whose wide gates display an entrance to the kingdoms void of day. Of works unseen and seen thy power alone to be the great dispending source is known. All-ruling, holy God, with glory bright, thee sacred poets and their hymns delight, propitious to thy mystics' works incline, rejoicing come, for holy rites are thine."

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