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Bael: Inspire Hidden Knowledge/Insight Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Bael: Inspire Hidden Knowledge/Insight Glass Spell Candle

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    Bael is a King ruling the East and rules over 66 Legions of Spirits under Lucifer. Bael teaches how to be invisible or blend into the crowd, secretly obtaining what  you desire and the practice of Astral Projection. Yellow candle related to Bael's attribution of the Sun.

    The First Principal Spirit is a King ruling in the East, called Bael. He maketh thee to go Invisible. He ruleth over 66 Legions of Infernal Spirits. He appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, and sometimes like a Man, and sometimes all these forms at once. He speaketh hoarsely. This is his character which is used to be worn as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not do thee homage. - Goetia

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