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Lamashtu Ritual Dark Ambient music by Akhtya

    AKHTYA - "IN HER HANDS FEVER & FROST" CD Feat. Sara Ballini

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    Track Listing:

    1. Barbaratum Marat Anum (She-Wolf of Anum)
    2. Dimme (Upon the Night Winds)
    3. In Her Hands Fever & Frost
    4. Pasussatu (Lamastu the Exterminator)
    5. Saggastu Demon of the Steppe

    AKHTYA (Michael W. Ford)’s Nightside abyssic waves of daimonic darkness captures a sonic chamber filled with the ritual atmosphere of howling winds, stygian and chthonic depths and the howling’s & whispers of witches and the Mesopotamian Ritual Incantations of Lamaštu by Italian Luciferian Witch, Sara Ballini.
    AKHTYA’s "In Her Hands Fever & Frost" features 54 Minutes of diabolical dark ritual ambient music dedicated to the essence of Lamaštu, the Goddess & Demoness of ancient Babylonia, a manifestation of LILITH.
    AKHTYA’S “Halloween” or “Samhain” album for 2021 is a ritualistic recording composed to encompass and concentrate the aura and demonic energy of Lamaštu, the Babylonian fallen goddess and demoness who is one violent and predatory incarnation of LILITH. There is little seduction with Lamaštu, she is a relentless force of savagery and violent hunger for human spirit and the energy we conceptually identify as Life Force and blood. To invoke Lamaštu is to align and concentrate the predatory spirituality and instinct of hunting and devouring our deep fears and directing desires according to the will.
    This album features the Italian Luciferian Witch, Sara Ballini, utilizing translations of ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Ugaritic, and Hittite incantations which were originally inscribed on tablets, talismans, and amulets designed to keep Lamaštu away. Michael slightly restructured, adapted, and from a Luciferian focus, fashioned the incantations to invoke and call forth the atavistic and primal spirit of Lamaštu’s Satanic and Anticosmic essence, via a series of tracks designed with horrifying drones, haunting and vampirically sensual utterances and spoken words by Sara Ballini.
    Akhtya’s despondent and demonic atmospheres, bass frequencies and deathlike drones encircle a nightmarish ritual which inspires a liminal state of dreaming and waking; this is by the very method in which Lamaštu rises a tutelary force of ancient demonological power. A sonic juxtaposition from which the listener is centered at the Crossroads between causality and acosmic abyssic chaos, eerie and ghastly ambience giving images in the mind of the deserts, steppes, and nocturnal winds that Lamaštu and her vampyric disciples come forth under the howling, screams, and growls of animals such as Camels, Owls, Wolves, and disembodied voices chanting the hymns of Lamaštu’s summoning.
    CD limited to 300 copies!

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