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Ace of Wands Satan Luciferian Tarot Tapestries - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Ace of Wands Satan Luciferian Tarot Tapestries

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    The Luciferian Tarot Series presents the depictions of the Adversary by the design of Michael W. Ford and the painted images from Nico Claux from the Out-of-Print Luciferian Tarot Deck (2007).

    "Ace of Wands" SATAN/AHRIMAN: The Fire which is the beginning, what Ahriman

    sought to free the worshippers of Ahura Mazda when he brought

    smoke to flame. This represents the Lightning Bolt of Awakening, the

    Fire of Lucifer brought to man. It also symbolizes the primal element,

    that light discovered by Ahriman which he lusted after, later merging it

    into blackness, creating Az the Demoness and Akoman, the Evil Mind.

    The ACE OF WANDS also represents the beginning of something

    important, a new business, job or turn. Ahriman, horned which is

    symbolic of the power of the earth – mastery and domination. Batwinged

    representing his mastery over the nightside or shadow of the

    mind and dreams. Every dream can be either a reflecting of thoughts

    and feelings and can also be a map for the future. Ahriman/Satan’s

    body is dragonlike, being the primal spirit of the serpent, mastery and

    manifestation of chaos. Holding the black flame and surrounded by

    desert and fire, Ahriman looks at the above Sun, eclipsing and casting

    shadow over a mountain in the distance. Ahriman’s shadow is an angel

    of light, representing the knowledge and wisdom of this fallen angel.

    He commands many forms and can take shape as he pleases. In

    mythological lore, Ahriman has taken the forms of a lizard, serpent,

    frog, toad, wolf, black horse, young man, an old man, dragon and

    anything it so desires. One who seeks Satan or Ahriman may seek it

    only within their own minds, it manifests through the self. Communion

    with Ahriman/Satan is done either a theistic or non-theistic point of

    view. What is Satan in reference to wands; fire and spirit, desire and the

    motivation to do something about it. Satan is not negativity in this

    sense, rather motion and being pro-active. Satan by name is

    “Adversary” or “Enemy” and simply relates to a form of chaos from

    desired will.

    Divinatory Meaning: Beginning of a journey or family, adventure, enterprise.” – From “The First Book of Luciferian Tarot” by Michael W. Ford.

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