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Vampire Oils

    L.Apotheca Vampiric Oils

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     The oils offered here are of the highest quality, essential oils and are mixed to bring the ritual and non-ritual focus of the elements of the Vampire. Use for inspiration and imagination, rituals of draining energy; Nightside abilities of lucid dreaming and astral projection.

    BATHORY- Vampire, eternal youth, sweet, striking, noble

    AZRAEL, Angel of Death - Necromancy, Jasmine with earthy highlights

    STRIGOI, Witch Vampyres- Vampyric shades, sweet and seductive

    NOSFERATU - Vampyre - Masculine, Earth-based and bold.

    Dracul - The Devil in Romanian, the classical Luciferian/Satanic archetype of Vlad Tepes Dracul, the strong and violent Will against that which threatens you.

    Varcolaci - the Astral Vampire, using the astral body to go forth and drink blood (energy) from the sleeping.

    Lycanthropy - Astral shape shifting, instinct and animalistic lust, the predatory instinct and the shadowside manifestation of the werewolf.

    Wampyre - The vampiric scent of sweet and earthy blend which inspires the strong psyche of the immortal.

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