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Infernal Union Softcover by Michael W Ford
Infernal Union Hardcover

    INFERNAL UNION Sinister Initiation & The Satanic Psalms by Michael W. Ford

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    INFERNAL UNION - Sinister Initiation & The Satanic Psalms

    Michael W. Ford

    Illustrated by Asenath Mason and Leonardo Avila. Edited by Paul Nunez.

    322 pages. 8 X 5 "Inches, Softcover and Hardcover Editions

    Emanations of the Abyss Await…

    INFERNAL UNION offers Luciferian initiation into the merciless realm of the Adversary in its many masks of Gnosis, through this Sinister Grimoire and The Satanic Psalms presented within. Written in Luciferian tradition, it provides a path to Self-Liberation and Illumination, culminating in an Apotheosis of the Self.

    Through this book, aspirants and adepts seek initiation into Cultus of Diabolos and the Great Dragon of the Abyss. Unlock a realm of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis via the Satanic Psalms: dedicated rituals developed from heretical lore and gnostic practices invoking the Antitrinity within the Luciferian Tradition.

    Bask in INFERNAL UNION - Sinister Initiation & The Satanic Psalms by Michael W. Ford, a powerful grimoire of history, myth, lore, and authentic practice developed from obscure and heretical concepts of Satan, Lucifer, Lilith, and the pandemonium. Embrace the darkness of Luciferian initiation and experience the power of the Devil’s hand.

    Behold! This is the result of the accumulation of history, myth, lore, records, surviving manuscripts and the passing on of power by the left-handed consecration by the cruel talons and inspiring touch by the Devil’s hand. This work balances the conceptualizations and imagery of that Therionic mask of Lucifer – Satan and the pandemonium of fallen angels from the dark ages, medieval, renaissance, and into the modern era. Do not be misled: this is not mere supplication or devil-worship, there is no dependence or submission to the Judeo-Christian cosmology.

    • A pragmatic and metaphysical exploration of the SITRA ACHRA (the Qliphoth) is presented also herein with an initiatory focus on MALKUTH and YESOD regarding the alchemical and Gnosis related concept of Infernal Union.
    • The lore of this Black Book has many origins from which the Adversary and the Other Side have emerged veiled by atmospheres of Satanic theology; Luciferianism delves deep into the Chthonic depths and Abyss to have formulated this mytho-poetical Black Magickal work.
    • Medieval Diabolism is revealed to the initiatory path of balance embracing both the therionic and demonic in direct alignment with the pre-Christian and so-called “Pagan” pantheons from which the Adversary assumed countless forms and names.

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