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Babylonian Magick Circle - Zisurru, Circle of the Four Winds Tapestries - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Babylonian Magick Circle - Zisurru, Circle of the Four Winds Tapestries

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    The Babylonian Circle, used in sorcery and witchcraft since ancient times.

    From Michael W. Ford's SEBITTI and MASKIM HUL, the formula of ritual incantation for the serious Black Magickian invoking any number of Babylonian and Sumerian Deities & Demons. The Four Winds are named by direction and cardinal position, in which the sorcerer performs counter-clockwise. The cuneiform names of the deified winds within the first circle gives authority and power via the command of the Kassapu (Sorcerer) and the Annunaki. The Black Magickian stands or sits within the center circle, the two Names of Power, ANU and KI (Heaven and Earth) bestow the Luciferian the ancient sorcerous formula of balance and magickial power. 

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