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Infernal Union Black Baphomet Pendant


Lucifer Nephilim (Azazel / Samael) Pendant


Pazuzu Pendant


Leviathan Baphomet Pendant


Sigil of Ahriman Pewter Pendant


Algol Chaos Inverted Pentagram (8 pointed star) Pendant


Sigil of Lucifer Pendant


Lilith Goddess of Night Pendant


"Blasphemet" Inverted Cross pendant


"Luciferiame" sigil of Lucifer pendant


"Sulfurosus" Satanic Cross pendant


"Sulphury" Satanic Leviathan Cross pendant


1 oz. Cloves Whole


1 oz. Rue Herb :Protection


1oz. Aloe Powder for Lunar Desire/Love Spells, Protection from Accidents


1oz. BloodRoot



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In Luciferianism, Baphomet is identified as a model or symbol of the Luciferian and Black Adept: Leviathan (Serpent Ouroboros), Samael and Lilith conjoined to beget Chioa, the Beast or Cain the First Satanist and Witch. Satanism reflects balance and the Sabbatic Goat is thus a powerful symbol of the Satanic Archetype. 

by Michael Ford on June 04, 2022

Celebrate the Luciferian Apotheca's 15 Year Anniversary! We will be sharing special product offers and...

by Michael Ford on March 08, 2022