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New High Quality and Deluxe Ritual/Ceremonial Cloaks & Robes: Order yours before the cut off for October.

by HM Wayman on September 10, 2013

     We have recently added many new Robes and Cloaks. We have several on our home page and there is a link on the left side of the home page for additional cloaks and robes. We carry a variety of robes for every type of practitioner and every type of ritual or ceremony. We have great quality cloaks/robes in every price range. We have high quality, high end heavy cloaks/robes for experienced practitioners, those looking to upgrade their current Cloak/Robe or those who have multiple upcoming ceremonies. We have High Quality cloaks/robes for those who enjoy great quality mid-weight cloak/robe and we have good quality light weight cloaks for new practitioners or those using them for fun or those who just want variety in their ceremonial wear. There are many colors and materials to choose from.

Due to the high demand for cloaks and robes this time of year and it is currently taking 2 ½ weeks from the time a cloak/robe is ordered to the delivery date of the order .

If you need a cloak/robe in time for an end of Oct. ritual or ceremony please place your order ASAP.

Please do not wait and miss out on getting your cloak/robe on time. The cut off to get a cloak or robe by Oct. 31st is will be Oct. 7th.


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