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Publication Announcement: NECROMINON: Egyptian Sethanic Magick by Michael W. Ford

by Steve Morten on August 29, 2013


Succubus Productions is pleased to announce the publication of NECROMINON: EGYPTIAN SETHANIC MAGICK, written by Michael W. Ford and beautifully illustrated by Kitti Solymosi and Mitchell Nolte.

A magical work which has been several years in the making, NECROMINON: EGYPTIAN SETHANIC MAGICK is partly a scholarly undertaking in the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon and partly a rectification of the Hermetic Egyptian tradition via Luciferianism. Included in the NECROMINON are cosmology, symbolism and hieroglyphs. Cult practices, Ceremonial Rituals and initiatory rituals are adapted for the modern Left Hand Path practitioner. The Ankh Ka Djed ceremony and creating balance by the Casting of the Hermetic Circle with the Triads of Darkness (Seth/Anubis/Sekhmet) and Light (Amun-Re, Osiris, Isis).

In ancient Egypt, the mind-body-spirit of the human contained different aspects known as the Ka, Ba, Ib, Ren, and the later Greco-Roman Luciferian theory of the Agathodaemon. The Sethanic rituals contained in the NECROMINON offer knowledge of the neteru (gods) including Isis, Seth, Horus, Anubis, Thoth, Hathor, Amun-Re, Sarapis, Ptah, Montu, Resheph and so many more. Michael W. Ford adapts the authentic Sethanic Cult of Masks and the teachings of Hamar’at (Charles Pace) as ceremonial foundations of Luciferianism. Unleashed are the secrets of the Sethanic Hermetic Circle, Pace’s insightful triads which reveal the unique factor hidden within nature: Seth (Darkness) and Amun-Ra (Light) as ‘Neteru’ (Gods) deeply connect to aspects in the mind and phenomena in nature.

This 325 page, extensively illustrated modern grimoire is essential for any serious student of Left Hand Path ideology, Ceremonial Magick and students seeking knowledge of ancient pantheons far older than Judeo-Christian religion.

Available September 22, 2013 on the Autumn Equinox. Offered in Softcover, Hardcover and Electronic formats.


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