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A Note on Luciferianism by Michael W. Ford

by Michael Ford on March 12, 2013



Luciferianism is an ideology and for the predilection of the sorcerer, a path towards spiritual self-liberation and magickial initiation. The question of “what deities are associated in Luciferianism” my response is simply, “All pantheons have centers in the Luciferian path as the origins are collectively from these Deific Masks; with the firm exception of Judeo-Christian Yahweh and Jesus”. The very ideological structure of the sheep-herding “escapists” is alien not only to the laws of nature but is self-destructive in its entirety.

Luciferians enter the left hand path (as my published works define) on the assumption that only the individual is self-reliant upon his or her instincts and self-determined Will while living. Every day is either a benefit of self-love or a malicious act of self-hatred. This is determined by our thoughts, specifically how we approach thought (negative, positive and the perception begins the act of the initiate), words (how we interact with the world around us) and actions (what we do in the world around us) daily. Without exhausting the mind it is important to gain insight into the beginnings of our knowledge and power with relation to our entire self. This I term “Azothoz” in my previous works, yet simply understood the path of magick must be more simply approached.

The ancient pantheons of the Canaanites, Babylonians, Assyrians, Greeks, Egyptians, Persians and European “pagans” all hold foundations in Luciferian ideology. Ambition, desire, honor among peers and selfishly living life to the fullest while engendering the social contract of cultural betterment are strong ideological assumptions of the Luciferian. The Judeo-Christian concept Sin is not accepted in Luciferianism as we strive to remove the slave-mentality imposed on humanity since the monotheistic cult gained prominence during the decay of the Roman Empire.

The Demonology of the Judeo-Christian and Hebrew cult is also embraced by the Luciferian as a means of spiritual self-liberation; the traits of the so-called “demons” such as pride, greed, lust and such are natural instincts overblown and made “extreme” by the Christians as a tool of propaganda. Luciferians view the demonic as the insight and brave liberation to think and act in a self-accountable way.

Luciferians view greed as a motivator in the real world; however it must be balanced with the discipline of knowing when is enough. Luciferians will not destroy our self-determined “moral” code of honor and loyalty (to those deserving of it) by allowing unchecked greed. Spiritual faith is not blind; if cultivated by our instincts and guided by our conscious aims guarded by the discipline of restraint and character then a major victory has been won. Luciferians understand “faith” as the experience of results gained by our self-determined Will.

The symbolism of the dark and the demonic is the foundation of all primal instinct and is as much of a part of nature as is that of light. Luciferians do not separate in duality; it is contrary of nature as it is experienced. All Deific Masks (these are gods and demons that represent types of power in the relation of humanity and the realm of nature itself) have balanced aspects; some destroy to create and others maintain our spiritual aims towards power.  Luciferians for this reason could never accept a “Jesus” or a “Yahweh” as these are in their youthful origin merely “escapists” of a realistic world which inspires via self-denial (oppression of natural desire begets perversion) and hate (with a mask of “love”)  a world of cruel, imbalanced violence at those who don’t believe and the further subjugation of humanity via ignorance and the deep hatred of Science.  Only a Judeo-Christian faith centered in self-hate and a need to deny balance in nature would have “sins” which extend into the age-appropriate consensual instinct of sexual desire and gender; Luciferians do not find importance in dictating what you can do with your own body and that of a partner as long as it is age-appropriate and not inhibiting another’s’ own life. Luciferians view war and conflict as an important part of our primal instinct for mastery and the joy of power; however wars to impose our way of life on other foreign cultures is inherently wrong under the guise of “democracy” or “freedom”.  Conquer your enemy or make them your ally; a consistent need to impose your beliefs on others (with the precursor of blind faith) is a cornerstone in the Sickness of Spirit which diseases the Judeo-Christian mind. Politics however are a varied consideration as Luciferians are individuals and have just as many varied views in this area. Luciferians however are encouraged to respect the cultures of what they would consider “foreign”; this is the path to understanding in the world.

Destruction and Creation are a balanced cycle in nature. When we are not as a culture instructed on accomplishment with discipline, overcoming obstacles and destroying our fears then we find a social decay which inspires crime, murder and corruption at a high level. To restrict this result, the social contract must be held with rewards and a cultural understanding of the benefits of self-discipline and overcoming obstacles.  

Those interested in Luciferian ideology and magick are encouraged to obtain the following publications quickly categorized by time period, pantheon and area of study:

Ancient Pantheons and Modern Luciferian Magick:

Dragon of the Two Flames – Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan, Michael W. Ford. (Syrian, Canaanite, Moabite, Northern Mesopotamian and Syrio-Egyptian Pantheons into Medieval Demonology. Presents pantheons and their succession into demonology and modern self-initiation)

Maskim Hul – Babylonian Magick, Michael W. Ford (Akkadian, Neo-Assyrian, Babylonian, Elamite and Sumerian demonology and modern magick)

Judeo-Christian Adversarial Magick and Satanic/Luciferian Magick:

Adversarial Light – Magick of the Nephilim, Michael W. Ford (Nephilim of Enoch, Belial and Luciferian Witchcraft centered on the cult of Cain, Baphomet, Samael and Lilith)

Goetia of Shadows – Michael W. Ford (Goetia/Lemegethon and Medieval Sorcery derived from Adversarial demonology into modern Luciferianism)

The Bible of the Adversary, Michael W. Ford (Adversarial Magick and Luciferian Magick via Demonology)



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