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Publication Announcement: Book of Sekhem Apep - Typhonian Vampyre Magick

by Michael Ford on October 07, 2012

BOOK OF SEKHEM APEP - Typhonian Vampire Magick

Illustrated by Karl NE and Kitti Solymosi

Destined to be one of the most controversial magical books which unveils the forbidden rites of vampirism and typhonian magick with modern Luciferianism. Michael W. Ford presents the history of the Black Order of the Dragon and related guilds from the 1990's including manifesto and previously unpublished sigils and texts never before published outside the order. The doctrines of Khaos and Abyss-Serpent Apep explore the abyssic sorceries of Choronzonic power and includes and interview with "Infernal Texts: Liber NOX and Liber KOTH" author Stephen Sennitt. The Sethian-Egyptian rites of ancient record were re-developed to be as dark rituals of devouring the Ka (Soul) and Khabit (shadow) and have been applied by various ends with those of the Black Order of the Dragon. Typhonian and Thelemic Magick centered around Kenneth Grant's Qlippothic Tunnels are presented as well with records and notes from the "Characith Lunar Lodge" of the late 1990's. The controversial Haitian Earthquake Vampiric Rituals of the BOTD from 2010 are revealed here which demonstrate real vampyre sorcery which makes use of death-energies released on a wide scale with the event which caused thousands to be lost.

Available in late 2011 October in Softcover, Hardcover and Electronic formats.


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