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Suggested Reading Order of Michael W. Ford Books

by HM Wayman on November 19, 2014

Suggested Reading Order of Michael W. Ford published works 

Version 2, November 2016

The Luciferian Tradition presented in the grimoires and published works of Michael W. Ford were in the beginning both a record of magickial workings and the modern approach to the Adversary. As the tradition grew and interest expanded, Michael’s works have built a momentum of refined historical studies of Luciferian origins and evolved initiatory practices. The Luciferian Philosophy has within the past few years defined and unveiled to those open-minded enough and the courage to seek self-liberation and empowerment via the Left Hand Path. Below is a basic outline by category of titles. If you have never read any of Ford’s works, begin with the following: Wisdom of Eosphoros, Beginning Luciferian Magick, Adversarial Light, Necrominon, Dragon of the Two Flames, Sebitti, Goetia of Shadows, Bible of the Adversary, etc.

Note - (....) indicates focus of work.

The following titles are a numbered list of suggested Luciferian Works of Michael W. Ford. For the purpose of gaining insight and perspective into the philosophical, ideological and purpose of specific practices of Luciferianism, 1-5 are essential. Category II 6-8 will provide you with a study of ancient pantheons and how they may be authentically invoked and worked with via initiation. Category III (Vampyrism) is not for everyone and is a dark path on the vast body of Luciferianism. The rest are optional and useful to the particular student on the early origins of Luciferianism in modern form and associated edited works by Mr. Ford.


I - Theory and Basic Magick

Note - (....) indicates focus of work.

1) Beginning Luciferian Magick (for beginners not aware of left hand path or Luciferian practice)

2) Adversarial Light - Magick of the Nephilim (utilizing Fallen Angel/Demonic symbolism and Satanic Witchcraft teachings aimed at the destruction of monotheistic/Christian subconscious structure of perception)

3)Dragon of the Two Flames - Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan (history, myth and practices prior to Christian corruption, foundations and initiation into the Luciferian current and magick)

4) Goetia of Shadows (Early to Medieval ritual sorcery and modern approach)

5) The Bible of the Adversary (A modern understanding of the Adversary and Luciferianism in practice)

6) Wisdom of Eosphoros – The Luciferian Philosophy by Michael W. Ford, Jeremy Crow and Hopemarie Ford (Basic Luciferian Philosophy)

7) Grand Grimoire of Infernal Pacts (Medieval Luciferianism and self-initiation)


II - Specialized Pantheons and Ancient Cultures in modern Luciferian Practice

6) Necrominon - Sethanic Egyptian Magick (Egyptian Magick and Witchcraft)

7) Drauga - Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih (Persian Sorcery centered around the cult of Daeva Yasna & Ahriman)

8) Sebitti – Mesopotamian Magick & Demonology

9) Magick of the Ancient Gods (Greco-Roman Magick and Paganism)

10) Maskim Hul (Babylonian Magick)


III - Vampyrism & Predatory Spirituality 

10) Akhkharu - Vampyre Magick (Foundation of practice)

11) Sekhem Apep - Typhonian Vampyre Magick (Practice of the Black Order of the Dragon and Typhonian Thelema)

12) Liber HVHI (part Qlippothic and Vampyre Sorcery)



13) First Book of Luciferian Tarot (Symbolism and Uses)

14) Luciferian Tarot Deck


V - Satanic and Associated Initiation

15) Satanic Magick (basic initiation towards self-liberation via Adversarial archetype)

16) Scales of the Black Serpent (The Tree of Death and Qlippoth)


VI - Early Grimoire Records and Varied practices

17) Luciferian Witchcraft (Sabbatic Sorcery and Luciferian Witchcraft records and practices)

18) Book of the Witch Moon (Chaos Sorcery)

19) Adamu - Luciferian Tantra and Sex Magick

20) Codex Saerus - Black Book of Satan (Edited by Michael W. Ford, a work by the ONA and not specifically Luciferian)

21) NAOS (An ONA work not Luciferian)

22) Shadows of Azathoth (Horror-Occult Fiction and not Luciferian)

23) Gates of Dozakh (out of print)

24) The Vampyre Gate (out of print)

25) Rites of the Antichrist – Art of Spiritual Lawlessness by Michael W. Ford (out of print)




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