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Azazel and the Practice of Magick

by Michael Ford on February 25, 2014

Azazel, to Luciferians it is not only a name of strength, power and wisdom, yet also an ancient  Demonic-god and spirit of Deific power. Azazel is the bearer of the Black Flame, the divine consciousness of humanity. Azazel originally developed in Hebrew texts as a fallen angel/demon which goats were offered to as a part of their religion. In later Judeo-Christian writings and Hebrew Azazel became a strong representation of the Satanic spirit. Both ‘Asa’el’ and ‘Zazel’ are alternate spellings of ‘Azazel’. Azazel in Ethiopic, Greek and Slavonic texts make reference that Azazel's (Satanail) heritage is ‘with the Stars’ (heavens) and ‘of the Clouds’.In the ancient Canaanite pantheon, the god of death, Mot, was known as "The son of 'Ilu, Motu...The beloved of 'Ilu, the Hero, was terrified." Mot was the son of El who was King of the Underworld and a great warrior with his brother, Yam-Nahar (Leviathan), the god of the Sea. One may refer to Michael W. Ford's "Dragon of the Two Flames" to read about the history of the demon and his methods of invocation today.

Hayim Tawil explains in “Azazel the Prince of the Steepe” that Azazel is an epithet (cultic title) of the God of Death, the Canaanite Mot and that the 2nd Temple Period Judaic religion in complete assimilation of the Ugaritic (Canaanite) origins fulfilled the pantheon-demonization of the Deific Masks; Azazel no doubt had other Deific Masks assimilated from surrounding pantheons however Mot is a strong presence.
The Steepe is the wild an uninhabited ruins and desert lands of which the Goat-Demon Azazel is attributed to; the Canaanite God Mot as presented is also a god of the desert lands of which his powers reign. As we know, demonic-gods such as Mot who play a thankless role in nature and human life were demoted from a divine state to then the lesser power as demons. As Yahweh was to have the ‘all power, one god’ rule no others could be allowed to be in this council.
Tawil translates the name of Azazel as meaning ‘a fierce god’ and that the spelling of the name with Mot ‘MT’ was written to conceal the demonic nature of this ancient god. The combination Tawil makes is that ‘Mot is fierce’ (an epithet used) creates the Demon who is Mot. In the Hebrew Bible ‘mwt’ is also associated with the ‘Angel of Death’, the ‘Mawet’ who is in Aramaic bowl sorcery as the death-demon. The Neo-Assyrian ‘Ab-di-a-zu-zi’ and the Phoenician ‘bd ‘azz’ are theophoric personal names of which ‘el’ represent divinity (El being the Canaanite word for ‘a god’). - From "Dragon of the Two Flames" by Michael W. Ford

Azazel represents the divine consciousness (sparked at the forge) by the skill of the Watcher-Demon and his balanced knowledge of both spiritual and carnal experience.


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