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    Summoning Spirits BY KONSTANTINOS

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    Learn how to evoke and communicate with 50 spirit entities and make use of their abilities, when you get Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos.

    Evoking spirits is one of the most powerful magical techniques you can use-but, until now, most of the material available on evocation has been virtually unusable because it was written by those with little practical evocation experience. Summoning Spirits was written by a practicing magician who has successfully performed many evocations. With his guidance and clear directions, performing evocations will be easy and safe for anyone.

    • Learn to safely evoke powerful spirits to aid you with any task
    • Create sigils charged with the energy of spirits to magnify the effects of your evocations
    • Make an etheric egregore, a manufactured spirit that will perform the task of your choice
    • Perform easy exercises to train your magical abilities and to develop clairvoyance and clairaudience
    • Construct, prepare, and use special magical tools to aid your evocations

    Summoning Spirits is a complete manual for evoking entities to effect positive changes in your life. Learn how the spirits that dwell on the other planes can be evoked to the astral and physical planes to help you obtain mystical abilities, locate hidden "treasure," and even command a spirit "army" to protect your home while you're away.

    Summoning Spirits describes the specific attributes and abilities of 50 entities that you can evoke to uncover valuable knowledge, and who will help you succeed in nearly any task, magical or mundane.

    Whether you need help to face life's challenges or to work a minor miracle, you will find the art of magical evocation a tremendously potent tool for change. Included are information and theory, as well as full instructions for all the rituals you will need to prepare for and then evoke spirits.

    Page Count: 240 pages
    Size: 6 x 9 x 1 IN
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