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Stygian Vampire Skull
Stygian Vampire Skull
Stygian Vampire Skull
Stygian Vampire Skull

    Stygian Vampire Skull

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    Height: 6 Inches
    Length: 7 Inches
    Width: 5 Inches

    One of the most darksome phantoms of folklore since the earliest records of humanity, This Blood Red Vampire Skull is hand painted with a stunning level of detail, this skull is crafted from cold cast resin. The surface of the skull is painted a splotchy red color, making it seem as though this skull has been bathed in blood, soaking as Carmilla (J. Sheridan Le Fanu), who slept in a coffin filled with the blood of her prey.

    Indulge your undead décor with this Blood Red, Stygian Vampire Skull. Crafted from cold cast resin and hand-painted with intricate detail, this skull brings to life the terror of the undead. The splash of red adds a blood-soaked effect, while fangs give it a chilling authenticity. Perfect for Vampire energy-rituals, Halloween or simple home decorations. 

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