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Sigil of Lucifer (Ashtar-Chemosh) Fallen One Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca
Ashtar-Chemosh Lucifer Sigil Talisman
Lucifer-Ashtar-Chemosh Venus Talisman

    Sigil of Lucifer (Ashtar-Chemosh) Fallen One Pendant

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    The Sigil of Lucifer (Ashtar - Chemosh) Talisman designed by Michael W. Ford based on ancient near eastern historical origins of Lucifer and syncretic identifications with the planet Venus and deities Ashtar-Chemosh.

    1.5" Inch high quality pewter, deep red enamel. Comes with black cord. Back of pendant has inscription with the symbol of Venus (Ishtar and Ashtar) and "Ashtar-Lucifer, the Fallen" and "Chemosh", the warlike adversary god of the Moabites and upper Syria.

    Double-sided pendant, proclaiming the origin of the myth of Lucifer from Isaiah 14, adapted from a Bronze Age cultic myth from the city of Ugarit invoking "The Fallen Shining One" (explained below and further in "Dragon of the Two Flames" by Michael W. Ford (Succubus Productions Publishing).

    This talismanic sigil encircles and invokes Lucifer in one of its' purest archetypes. The Ugaritic (Canaanites) inscription presents the epithet of Ashtar the Rebel (Morning Star), who in the Canaanite myth seeks to assume the throne of Baal after he enters the Underworld. The epithet 'NGH W SRR' translates, NGH, 'to shine' in Ugaritic, Syriac and Ethiopic. In Biblical Hebrew, nogah translates 'brightness' and in Mishnaic Hebrew the name of the planet 'Venus'. The verb SRR in Hebrew means 'to rebel'. This was the earliest reference to the later Hebrew 'Helel ben-Sahar', "The Shining One", Hesophoros or Lucifer,  'Son of the Dawn'. This is one of the most authentic of the representations of "Lucifer" in pre-biblical form from the Canaanites and Moabites. 

    Lucifer is the power of illumination, self-determined and the acquisition of power and wisdom; the herald of morning and night who is balanced between light and darkness. The Moabite-Phoenician kms in the sigil invokes Chemosh, the ancient enemy of Yahweh and another name for Ashtar the Terrible (or Rebel). Michael W. Ford has presented this sigil as a anti-Christian symbol of self-determined wisdom, strength and the path to self-deification and power.

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