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Set: the Fury of Egypt by Asenath Mason

    Set: the Fury of Egypt by Asenath Mason

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    As a self-created god, Set is a powerful archetype of the Adversary and an attractive model for a practitioner seeking initiation into mysteries of self-deification. Feared by the faint-hearted and worshipped by those who sought power, he has become a symbol of storm and change, movement and transformation, force and energy. His fiery nature represents lust and fury, which is the driving force on the path, and his Black Flame is the inner spark of Godhood that successively becomes the fiery pillar of ascent on the path of self-initiation. His forked knife cuts attachments to the surrounding world, liberating the initiate from bonds of slavery and mindless ignorance, and his scepter represents authority and power, showing us how to devour our gods and be the masters of our destiny.
    These portrayals of Set and many more are the subject of this anthology. Here you will find glimpses into his mysteries, provided by active practitioners of Draconian magic and initiates of the Left Hand Path. Essays and poetry, portraits and sigil art, rituals and meditations – all these contribute to the portrayal of Set as a god that is still alive and active in modern times, perhaps even more than ever before. We will look into his origins, ancient myths and legends, and modern interpretations of his role on the Left Hand Path – all this written from the perspective of the Draconian Tradition.
    Compiled and edited by Asenath Mason & Bill Duvendack, with contributions from Edgar Kerval. Mimi Hazim, Fra Diavolo, Soror Sortela, Cătălina Deaconu, Keona Kai'Nathera, V. Ghallego-Iglesias & special contribution by Michael W. Ford.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


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