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Medieval Black Magic Lucifer Sigil Tapestries - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Medieval Black Magic Lucifer Sigil Tapestries

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    Behold, shining darkly in terrible Infernal Majesty, the medieval grimoire sigil of Lucifer from the Grimoirium Verum. Lucifer is both the Bringer of Light, the deity/angel who by introducing the Black Flame or the spark of consciousness, awakened man and woman from profane, ignorant clay to potentials seemingly unlimited in the awareness of good, evil and wisdom. Lucifer is considered a fallen angel or deity whose myth goes back long before Isaiah 14 to a Ugaritic (Canaanite) legend of Ashtar (Venus) falling from the throne of Baal on Zaphon to become lord of the earth. Lucifer is both bringer of light and darkness as the Morning and Evening Star.

    • 100% Lightweight Polyester
    • Vivid Printed Top
    • Finished Edges
    • Gentle Machine Wash on Cold
    • Line Dry or Tumble on Low
    • Avoid Bleaches or Whitening Agents
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