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Infernal Union 60 x 51
Infernal Union 80 x 68

    Luciferian Infernal Union (Samael & Lilith beget Baphomet or The Beast) Tapestry

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    2 Sizes to Choose From!

    60" x 51" (5 x 4.25 Feet)

    80" x 68" (6 x 5.60 Feet)

    100% lightweight polyester
    Printed top, finished edge, fine line detail and intense vivid colors
    Cold gentle machine wash, line or tumble dry on low, don’t bleach or iron
    Call it a wall tapestry or a wall hanging in ritual chamber, home or event. 

    This is the Luciferian Sigil of Infernal Union, the origin of the Satanic Symbol of Baphomet. This Satanic & Luciferian symbol was designed by French nobleman and occultist Stanislas de Guaita and published in the 1897 book "La Clef de la Magie Noire". Michael W. Ford in his beginning practices and development of Luciferian Magick from 1999-2004 (Coven Malefica's originating Nightside Sabbatic Luciferianism of which Akhtya was the Magister during that time) adopted, magickially charged and recognized this symbol (with Samael & Lilith) as the foundation of the Witch Cult and Nightside Sabbatic rites/philosophy. Luciferian Illumination and Apotheosis depends upon the Black Alchemical union of Leviathan (as the Circle representing Self), Samael and Lilith which beget Baphomet, in Qlippothic lore the Beast Chioa and in English Witchcraft teachings Cain/Qayin the First Witch and Satanist. Infernal Union is a symbol of the initiated Adept and Self who alone walks and conquers upon the Left Hand Path.  

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