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Illuminati Black Skull (Third Eye)
Illuminati Black Skull (Third Eye)
Illuminati Black Skull (Third Eye)
Illuminati Black Skull (Third Eye)
Illuminati Black Skull (Third Eye)

    Illuminati Black Skull (Third Eye)

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    An excellent Cast Resin human skull replica with a pitch black finish, inscribed with talismanic sigils and inspiring depictions of the Daemonic Eye of self-will and mastery in the realms of the spiritual and material. The Luciferian Eye casts down flaming light with the symbol of the Rosicrucian signs of the Rose.

    The rose from Rosicrucian symbolism has three tiers of petals. The first tier: in three, represents the three basic elements in Alchemy: Salt, Mercury, and Sulfur. The tier of seven petals represents Seven Planets (the ancient world reveals the Sun and Moon are planets here, with the term “planets” indicating the Seven Bodies that appear to circle the earth independently of the star field, which moves as one total unit). In the demonology of the TESTAMENT OF SOLOMON, demonic powers hold authority and find their base in the Seven Planets (as well as other heavenly bodies). The tier of twelve represents the astrological zodiac. Each of the twenty-two petals bears one of the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet and also represents the twenty-two paths on the Tree of Life. As a result, this mirror's the hidden teachings and realm of the anticosmic abyss in Lurianic Qabalah: the Qliphoth and the Demonic Tree.

    The Triple Moon is depicted on the chin, representing the cycles of birth, life, death and the Above and Below under the authority and power of HECATE in three of her aspects. The Two hands flanking the Blazing Eye or Third Eye (of the continual initiation of Apotheosis) has associations with the Ajna Chakra, the all-seeing, intuitive spiritual awareness.

    PRODUCT SIZE: 4.72" X 7.2" X 5.39"

    Has Green (the color associated with Vampirism) LED lights within the eyes.

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