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Human Bone Powder/Pieces for Necromancy & Sorcery - The Luciferian Apotheca
Human Bone Powder/Pieces for Necromancy & Sorcery - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Human Bone Powder/Pieces for Necromancy & Sorcery

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    Human Bone Dust and Pieces
    Burn with Incense or sprinkle around ritual chamber, altar or mix with candle wax for ritual. Do not ingest.
    Necromancy, Yatuk Dinoih

    Human Bone Dust and fragments are a powerful and dark tool for use in Yatuk Dinoih ('witchcraft' see "Bible of the Adversary") and Necromancy. Human bone powder may be sprinkled around or on your altar (around a black candle on the altar is utilized as a corpse-candle in Yatukih (Michael W. Ford) practices to be as a 'beacon' for the shades of the dead. In addition, initiation into the Yatukih Cultus of Ahriman requires human bone powder to be sprinkled within pillows, seating (where possible) and under bed, invoking the ArchDaevas and Druj-Nasu (fly demoness) inspiring inner power.

    The Luciferian Apotheca and Succubus Productions are proud to offer human bone powder, this powder is crushed and ground into a fine powder (as much as possible). This is 100% legal and bones are obtained from legal outlets. Human Bone Powder is for Necromancy and spirit workings - it will provide a powerful addition to your ritual magick and sorcery. While Human Bone Powder is legal, it is extremely difficult to come by. 1 estimated 1/2 bag.

    Spell powders are used in several ways: Burn during a corresponding ritual over coals - often before and during to prepare gnosis. You may recite your invocations accordingly while taking a pinch of the powder and dropping in on the burning charcoal. Visualize your intent while you see the smoke burn upward. The scents created are corresponding to the intent of the power. You may also mix some powder in slightly warm wax candles and even necromantic clay fetishes and objects. DO NOT INGEST.

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