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Help Read Thoughts Amulet Pewter Pendant with Chain

    Help Read Thoughts Amulet Pewter Pendant with Chain

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    Enhance your intuition and unlock the power of telepathy with our Help Read Thoughts amulet. This stunning piece features a 1" pendant on a sleek silver-toned chain, measuring 22" in length. Whether you're looking to connect with others on a deeper level or simply want to tap into your own inner thoughts, this amulet is here to assist you. Please note that sizes are approximate, but the impact it will have on your mind is immeasurable.

    The Black Pullet is an infamous grimoire of Demonomania, thought to have been compiled in the late 18th Century, Known also as "Treasure of the Old Man of the Pyramids", this grimoire of goetic black magic reveals talismanic designs that are produced with specific voces magicae or "Names of Power" that activate the energy aligned with the talisman and often shadowy spirits or demonic powers that assist in the operations listed. 

    From "The Book of Black Magic" by Arthur Edward Waite (pg. 117):

    "Sets the possessor in any desired house without the preliminary of entering, and reads the thoughts of all persons, so that they can be helped or harmed at pleasure. The talisman is of light grey satin embroidered with gold. 
    To know thoughts, place it on your head, breathe upon the ring, and say: O Tarot, Nizael, Estarnas, Tantarez, serve those who deserve it : Nista, Saper, Visnos, and they will forthwith enjoy every kind of prosperity. To punish your enemies or evil persons : Xatros, Nifer, Roxas, Tortos, and they will be immediately delivered to frightful torments." 

    Get a copy of "The Book of Black Magic" here!

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