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Hekate (Hecate) Goddess of Witchcraft, Necromancy Statue
Neo-Platonic Hekate
Hecate the Patron Deity of Magic and Necromancy Statue
Hekate Bronze Large Statue 13
Hekate Bronze Large Statue 13

    Hekate Bronze Large Statue 13" Inches (32cm)

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    This is a very high-quality, weighted sculptured design uniting the ancient with the modern from the talented artist, Marc Potts. This 13" Inch tall Hekate depicts authentic symbolism associated with the esoteric tradition that enters the Neo-platonic initiatory tradition, Hekate is associated to the Dynamis, Primordial Power and is honored in the Chaldean Oracles. 

    Cast in the finest resin before being given a bronzed finish, this large mystical goddess statue is available in all of her empyrean and infernal majesty! This beautifully designed and created statue reflects the daemonic and deific manifestation of Hekate in her Neo-Platonic theurgic magical authority from the time of Julian the Emperor, 361 BC. 

    This 13" Hekate Bronze Large Statue embodies the Neo-platonic exegesis, positioned between the Paternal and Demiurgic Intellects, representing the power and manifestation of the primordial Triad. With roots in Chaldean Oracles, Hekate holds the key to understanding the transcendent entities of this system. Add a touch of mythology and magic to your home décor with this symbolic statue.

    Hecate is a goddess in ancient Greek religion and mythology, most often associated with magic, ghosts, sorcery and witchcraft. Here she is depicted as a singular being, accompanied by her dog. 

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