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Hecate Goddess of Night & Witchcraft Statue & Plaque - The Luciferian Apotheca
Hecate Hekate Triform Goddess

    Hecate Goddess of Night & Witchcraft Statue & Plaque

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    Goddess of the Night In these midnight colors, the Triple Goddess reveals her wisdom and healer aspects, which were vital to midwives and common people well into the Middle Ages. Hecate embodies the original Holy Trinity who held sway over heaven, earth and the underworld. Her torch of lunar fire, serpent of immortality, and knife of midwifery imbued her with primal power.

    [Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City] 

    6 1/2" gypsumstone plaque, blue slate color finish. 


    Seneca, Phaedra 406 ff :
    "[Phaedra prays to Artemis-Hekate-Selene :] ‘O [Diana-Artemis] queen of the groves (regina nemorum), thou who in solitude lovest thy mountain-haunts, and who upon the solitary mountains art alone held holy, change for the better these dark, ill-omened threats. O great goddess of the woods and groves, bright orb of heaven, glory of the night, by whose changing beams the universe shines clear, O three-formed Hecate, lo, thou art at hand, favouring our undertaking. Conquer the unbending soul of stern Hippolytus; may he, compliant, give ear unto our prayer. Soften his fierce heart; may he learn to love, may he feel answering flames. Ensnare his mind; grim, hostile, fierce, may he turn him back unto the fealty of love. To this end direct thy powers; so mayst thou wear a shining face [Luna-Selene the moon] and, the clouds all scattered, fare on with undimmed horns; so, when thou drivest thy car through the nightly skies, may no witcheries of Thessaly prevail to drag thee down and may no shepherd [i.e. Endymion] make boast o'er thee. Be near, goddess, in answer to our call; hear now our prayers.’"

    Seneca, Troades 386 ff :
    "With such swift course as the lord [Sol-Helios the sun] of stars hurries on the centuries, and in such wise as Hecate [Selene the Moon] hastens along her slanting ways."

    Statius, Thebaid 10. 365 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
    "[Statius describes Diana-Artemis as a triple goddess incorporating Artemis-Hekate-Selene :] Cynthia, queen of the mysteries of the night, if as they say thou dost vary in threefold wise the aspect of thy godhead, and in different shape comest down into the woodland . . . The goddess stooped her horns and made bright her kindly star, and illumined the battle-field with near-approaching chariot."

    Statius, Thebaid 4. 410 ff :
    "[The seer Teiresias performs necromancy in the grove of Artemis-Hekate :] There stands a wood, enduring of time, and strong and erect in age, with foliage aye unshorn nor pierced by any suns . . . Beneath is sheltered quiet, and a vague shuddering awe guards the silence, and the phantom of the banished light gleams pale and ominous. Nor do the shadows lack a divine power: Latonia's [Artemis-Hekate's] haunting presence is added to the grove; her effigies wrought in pine or cedar and wood or very tree are hidden in the hallowed gloom of the forest. Her arrows whistle unseen through the wood, her hounds bay nightly [i.e. as Hekate], when she flies from her uncle's [Haides] threshold and resumes afresh Diana's [Artemis'] kindlier shape. Or when she is weary from her ranging on the hills, and the sun high in heaven invites sweet slumber, here doth she rest with head flung back carelessly on her quiver, while all her spears stand fixed in the earth around . . .
    [Teiresias summons ghosts :] ‘Haste ye all together, nor let there be fore the Shades but one fashion of return to the light; do thou, daughter of Perses [Artemis-Hekate], and the cloud-wrapt Arcadian [Hermes] with rod of power lead in separate throng the pious denizens of Elysium.’"

    Apuleius, The Golden Ass 11. 5 ff (trans. Walsh) (Roman novel C2nd A.D.) :
    "To the trilingual Sicilians I [Artemis] am Ortygian Proserpina [Hekate]."

    Nonnus, Dionysiaca 44. 198 ff (trans. Rouse) (Greek epic C5th A.D.) :
    "[Nonnus describes Artemis-Hekate-Selene as a triple goddess :] O daughter of Helios (the Sun), Mene (Moon) of many turnings, nurse of all! O Selene (the Moon), driver of the silver car! If thou art Hekate of many names, if in the night thou doest shake thy mystic torch in brandcarrying hand, come nightwanderer . . . If thou art staghunter Artemis, if on the hills thou dost eagerly hunt with fawnkilling Dionysos, be thy brother's helper now!."

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