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Goetia Sigil of Cimejes Pendant

    Goetia Sigil of Cimejes Pendant

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    This pewter pendant which represent the seal of Cimeies, is decorated with a swarovski crystal or a gemstones, according to your choice. Its chain is in stainless steel.

    Diameter of the pendant: 3 cm

    "The Sixty sixth Spirit is Cimejes, or Cimeies, or
    Kimaris. He is a Marquis, Mighty, Great, Strong and Powerful, appearing like a Valiant Warrior riding upon a goodly Black Horse. He ruleth over all Spirits in the parts of Africa. His Office is to teach perfectly Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, and to discover things Lost or Hidden, and Treasures. He governeth 20 Legions of Infernals; and his Seal is this, etc." - Goetia

    *Cimejes seems likely to have origins from a Hurrian/Hittite deity and perhaps by way of Kimaris also is related to Chemosh/Kamis the Moabite solar war god and by name related to Ashtar-Lucifer (See DRAGON OF THE TWO FLAMES by Michael W Ford).

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