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Dark Wolf Pendant
Dark Wolf Pendant
Dark Wolf Pendant
Dark Wolf Pendant

    Dark Wolf Pendant

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    The ferocity emanated by this feral beast is tangible to anyone who happens to just glance.

    An antiqued pewter wolf's head pendant, snarling, in profile.

    On a pewter bale and a 21" (53cm) black curb chain plus a 1 ½" extender chain.

    Approximate Dimensions:
    Height 2.2" x Width 1.34 " x Depth 0.28"
    0.08 lbs
    Fine English Pewter
    From the Saxon and Viking raiders of the Dark Ages to underworld, nocturnal revenants of latter-day, the symbol of power from the wolf's fang is understood by all. As presented in "Drauga" by Michael W Ford (softcover/hardcover), the lycanthropic warrior-cults are as old as the Bronze Age with the Maryannu (warriors) who invaded north India, Iran and eastern Syria (as the Mittani). These warriors entered mental states of lycanthropic frenzy prior to battle, invoking Aeshma and Rudra the powers of war, wilderness and night. The Germanic and Norse werewolf and berserker warriors are also related as Indo-European 'cousins' to the older Indo-Aryan nomadic warbands of pre-Zoroastrian Persia.
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