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    Boneset Herb 2 oz

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    Latin Name: Eupatorium perfoliatum
    Common Names: Boneset Herb

    Eupatorium perfoliatum is one such substance that fits the definition of a true natural herb: it is an above-ground perennial, the stem of which is not woody like that of a tree or shrub, but smooth and tender like that of grasses and flowers. Better known as Boneset Herb, local Algonquian-speaking Indians introduced eupatorium perfoliatum to early Puritan settlers, who used it to attempt to induce heavy sweating.

    While there have been no scientific studies made on the effectiveness of dried Boneset Herb, those who choose to take this dried herb as a tea or infusion should not ingest more than 5 milligrams a maximum of three times daily.

    As one of the leading bulk herbs suppliers on the World Wide Web, Starwest Botanicals stands behind all of its quality bulk herbs, and strongly advises that anyone choosing to treat any condition they may have with Eupatorium perfoliatum (Boneset Herb) seek the advice of a professional herbalist or practitioner of naturopathic medicine.

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