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Satanic Rosary Mala Beads Inverted Cross
Satanic Blasphemy
Blaspheme Ritual Mala, Satanic Rosary - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Blaspheme Ritual Mala, Satanic Rosary

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    The Satanic Rosary is an excellent and very effective means to raise power and apply energy towards your desires. It can also be used as a kabalistic meditation tool for working with vibrations. Just slide your fingers over the beads and you don't have to count. Your meditation can flow smoothly and thus have more power.

    The beads are traditional Mala Beads with an inverted cross. This Rosary is well made.
    The Catholic Rosary was adapted from Tibetan Mala Beads which were created somewhere around 500 B.C.

    This Mala is also called "Blasphemy" in association with the medieval grimoire tradition that includes the infernal art of "Necromancy", thus the equivalent of skulls with the dead with the association of "souls" and energy so directed by the "Satanic" or "Demonic" spirit of the Black Magician or the "demonic" powers.


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