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Black Pullet Counsels of Infernus Talisman to control evil spirits

    Counsels of Infernus Talisman Pendant

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    Good quality lead-free pewter.
    This is a silver toned control evil spirits pendant. Attached to a 18" chain with pendant measuring 1 1/4"

    A talismanic pendant to control and direct energy from "evil" spirits, from the Black Pullet and Book of Black Magic by A.E. Waite

    Counsels of Infernus
    Gives the knowledge of the counsels of Infernus and the means of rendering its projects abortive, but whether for the ultimate health and weal of the operator's soul there is no guarantee offered. The talisman is of red satin, with the centre embroidered in gold, the border in silver and the figures in black and white silk. It should be worn upon the breast and the ring on the first joint of the little finger of the left hand. The words are: ACTATOS, CATIPTA, BEJOURAN, ITAPAN, MARNUTUS.– Arthur Waite, the Book of Black Magic

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