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Leviathan Baphomet Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca
Leviathan Baphomet Pendant
Leviathan Baphomet reverse with Cult Epithets of Yam Nahar
Leviathan Baphomet Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Leviathan Baphomet Pendant

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    Our exclusive Leviathan Baphomet design as featured in Michael W. Ford's "Dragon of the Two Flames" grimoire. This quality pewter pendant: 1¼" X 1¼ inches.

    The names of Leviathan are inscribed on the backside of the pendant.

    The Baphomet is encircled with Leviathan the crooked serpent. In Luciferian Magickial practice, the circle represents the serpent, which is the very representation of the self as the subconscious mind. The Leviathan-Baphomet is marked as a special talisman with the Ugarit divine-epithet of Yamm, the God of the Sea and his personification of Lotan or Ltn, the crooked-serpent of the abyss and one of the three origins of Leviathan in the later Hebrew texts (the other two being Musmahhu & Tiamat). A divine epithet is simply one (or more) words describing the trait of the demon/god with regard to their role in the pantheon. Most gods/demons in the Mesopotamian pantheons had numerous epithets and Lotan/Yamm/Leviathan was one particular god/demon. In the center on the back is the name Ltn, being Lotan, BTN 'QLTN is "the Twisting Serpent" and ZBL YM is "Prince Yammu", a title of this mighty god. The detail of authenticity was very important for designer Michael W. Ford as this would be a modern yet accurate to Leviathan's Canaanite origins; thus a recalling or atavistic invocation to the primal ocean-serpent which was empowered by those of the religion several thousand years past.

    Comes with cord (chain not included).

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