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The Wild Hunt Tapestry
The Wild Hunt Tapestry by Franz von List - The Luciferian Apotheca

    The Wild Hunt Tapestry by Franz von List

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    Known as the ancient German Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt), Wütendes Heer ('Raging Host/army'),the Wild Hunt was lead by Woden (and with other mythologies, other deities associated also with the Underworld/Netherworld including Cain and Gwyn ap Nudd, Celtic Lord of the Netherworld). In Scandinavia, the Wild Hunt was known as Oskoreia, a corruption of Ásgård-reið, and as Oensjaegeren ('Odin's Hunters'). In Celtic lore, Gwyn ap Nudd was depicted as a wild huntsman riding a demonic horse who hunts souls at night along with a pack of white-bodied and red-eared 'dogs of hell'. The lycanthropic and Nightside aspects of the hunt in magical initiation cannot be ignored. The Wild Hunt was a seasonal balance-maintaining cycle of renewal and shadowing forth souls to the place of the hidden (Anglo-Saxon 'hele' or 'helan', Hell or Underworld).

    Add some life to those empty walls by incorporating a tapestry to your living space! These large, yet inexpensive pieces of wall art are the perfect home accent on a budget. Durable, lightweight, easy to move and hang, simple to wash… What’s not to love about a tapestry?

    • 100% Lightweight Polyester

    • Vivid Printed Top

    • Finished Edges

    • Gentle Machine Was on Cold

    • Line Dry or Tumble on Low

    • Avoid Bleaches or Whitening Agents

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