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Hecate Dark Goddess Mala/Necklace
Hecate's Wheel Talismanic Mala / Necklace

    Hecate's Wheel Talismanic Mala / Necklace

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    This talismanic devotional ritual fetish is designed and prepared for those who work with Hecate and any aspect of the Dark Goddess. Each side has three each of black and red beads, representing different aspects of the TRIAD of the Goddess; red holds association with desire, love, passion, inspiration, and has both vampiric and renewing energies that are balanced. Black also represents a balance between the nocturnal, darkly spiritual and demonic spirit of Hecate in her necromantic and underworld associations; black equally signals knowledge, power, and the hidden paths to individual potential. 

    The Wheel of Hecate is a lead-free, high-quality (antique finish) pewter pendant around 1X1" inch. 

    A resin-casted circular bust (about 2" inches x 2"inches, comes with mala/necklace as a magical object that was also invoked over with a hymn to Hecate with a libation and incense offering to consecrate the talisman).

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